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Preschool Curriculum and Character Training | A Great Combination!

Jayne's character curriculum is great for teaching Preschoolers!One may not ordinarily think of having a Preschool Curriculum and Character Training together. However, you'll not find a more perfect time to introduce positive character traits than during the preschool age. Jayne's Journey Through Preschool intertwines positive values and character training throughout most of its preschool academic curriculum. What could be better than a preschool education with positive values and character training!

Jayne's Preschool Character Curriculum | What Makes Us Different?

What makes Jayne's Preschool Curriculum with Character Training different from other preschool curriculums? Many preschool curricula do not offer character training. However, in Jayne's Journey, most of the workbooks and activity books intertwine positive values and/or character training throughout. And that's not all!...

Jayne's Journey also comes with a separate Character Study in addition to the nuggets of positive values and character training found throughout the entire curriculum. Your child will enjoy this curriculum as they learn, play, sing and create throughout the year.

Why Choose a Preschool Curriculum with Character Training?

The preschool age is such a vital time for you and your child when you'll lay not only the foundation for learning, but for positive character training as well. For this reason, Jayne's homeschool curriculum incorporates positive values along with the educational skills they'll need to prepare for Kindergarten.

Your children will never forget the values they learn during a young age. What better way to prepare our children for life than to teach them positive values and character right along with academics. With Jayne's Journey, your preschooler will enjoy laughing, singing, crafting and more while learning basic preschool skills with a positive emphasis.

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